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Virtual World and Office

This is the company's virtual world that utilises Virbela, the eXp technology. It's where agents can work remotely and access live training, support departments, meetings and even conferences. The World showcases the company's technology at its best. It has to be seen to be truly appreciated!


Real Estate Platform (REP) CRM

Real Estate Platform is eXp New Zealand's state-of-the-art CRM which it provides to its agents. It's custom-built to be able to effectively and efficiently manage the real estate businesses of eXp New Zealand agents.

Real Estate Platform eXp CRM

CoreLogic RP Data Pro

CoreLogic RP Data Pro allows agents to perform property data research, create property reports and CMA's, and also build prospecting lists. CoreLogic RP Data is another great addition to the technology which interconnects with the AgentBox CRM. It's a must when running a real estate business. CoreLogic RP Data also has its own functional Mobile App.


Workplace eXp Realty by Facebook

Workplace eXp Realty by Facebook provides an interactive platform for agents. As it looks and functions exactly like Facebook, it's super easy to navigate. And because it's so familiar, Workplace eXp Realty encourages collaboration and networking amongst agents globally.



HomePass is another platform that agents can add to the technology toolbox. It helps to deliver a customer experience that wins more listings. 10,000+ agents use HomePass to enhance their open homes and have better conversations. HomePass also completes customer profiles and feeds data directly to your CRM.


RiTa - An AI eXp Technology Tool

RiTa is a lead generation and nurturing tool powered by AI for real estate agents. It connects to your CRM, further enhancing your data with market data, property data and new leads. RiTa then consistently generates leads from your database.


ActivePipe gives you hands-free lead generation for real estate. It automates property journeys that nurture your clients and identifies hot leads. 72% of Australia's Top 50 real estate agencies use ActivePipe. It's a technology tool that also connects to your CRM.


ActivePipe Grow

ActivePipe Grow takes it to the next level with an all-in-one lead generation that identifies your high-value contacts in your AgentBox CRM based on their digital behaviours. It then automatically nurtures those contacts with personalised communications.

ActivePipe Nurture

ActivePipe Nurture has an extensive library of content and delivers exceptional service at every stage of the buyer and seller journey with long-term nurture campaigns launched from your AgentBox CRM.



Thousands of agents use ListingLogic to reach millions of buyers, on the social media platforms every day. It simplifies and reduces the cost of marketing to prospective buyers. It helps agents get more listings, raise their profile and deliver more value to vendors.



Agents can use ProposalPoint to send digital proposals that impress vendors and landlords. Showcase your services more efficiently and effectively and win more listings.



CampaignTrack is your one-stop marketing hub that provides digital, social, print, signage and content solutions to real estate agents to help you list more, sell more, and do less.



CampaignFlow provides convenient funding options that take the risk and stress out of marketing costs. They offer better payment options for both Agents and Sellers.


Before You Bid

Before You Bid is a one-stop shop for all your property reports. They make pre-purchase data such as Pest & Building, and Strata Reports more accessible to residential home buyers to make transacting more efficient and transparent with less risk of falling over.


RESO is a mobile real estate sales platform that allows for digital offers, acceptance and intelligent contracting. RESO will enable agents to streamline their workflow, negotiate on the go, and reduce hours spent on admin and paperwork.


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